Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Ali Mandalis


Artist. Designer. Mother. Friend. Explorer.

There are people in this world that surprise you with their talents, wisdom and mind. And then there is Ali Mandalis. Who now, after years of friendship, exceeds to surprise.
Her encyclopedia of talents are as full as her addictive smile and signature sun bleached locks.

If there a limes in a bowl to be juggled, if there are ingredients that need to be turned into a delicious masterpiece, if there is wisdom to preached, if there are adventures to be had…
Ali is your girl.

Her eye for design is expressed as designer for Tallow.

Here is a peak into Ali, The Artist.

Monday, 6 August 2012

That Spring Feeling


As the last light of the day lingers longer,
As the colours around you seem to shine a little brighter.
When the sunlight sits stronger on your shoulders,
When the sweet smells around you heighten.

You start to feel that Spring feeling…